The Villains

The Villians

My favorite villains and featuring Flash’s new design. Happy Early Halloween 2014

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art and characters(c)me

The Two Kingdoms (remake)

The Two Kingdoms

This is a remake of the very first cover. It was original called “The Two Kingdoms”,but in wordpress the title was already taken,so I have to call it waterandfirekingdoms instead. Back then Luther,Robert and Buck were also the main characters,til Robert becomes a secondary character. The story was posted on photopeach until it was made as a blog and somehow all of my 2012 slideshows were deleted.

art and characters(c)me

Human Warrior Prologue

Once upon a time there was another world. A world Kings,Queen and the other elemental in the kingdoms don’t know about,but we were separate from it. The world that was fill with creatures with two legs and two arms and towers. The ground was black and the machines they drove on are faster than a cheetah. And the warrior who lives there is Todd. However he wasn’t  a warrior in his world,but to the Kings,Queens,and the other elementals he was. We called him the “Human Warrior”.

Note: This story belongs to Nia Anglade(CreativeNia). Please don’t steal,plagiarize, or claim as your own. Don’t copy and paste this in any sites.  

Buck’s new look

Buck's look new

I changed Buck’s design a little bit. He’s a boxer btw.

art and character(c)me

Note: Don’t steal,copy,or claim this as your own. Don’t copy the design and the character of mine.

Saber Tooth Mountain Lions

Sabre Tooth Mountain Lions

That’s the second picture this week. Since WaterBlaze and Sabre Tooth Mountain Lions story is almost to over lets(it has 2 chapter left) about the Saber Tooth Mountain Lion.

The Saber Tooth Mountain Lions are based on Saber Tooth Tigers. They live in packs and mark their. If the pack is too crowd one female and one male must leave the pack and make one of their own. They sometimes taunt and take over towns.

Male Saber Tooth Mountain Lions- are the alpha males of their pack. Their teeth are bigger than the females and cubs.

Height- 14.70 cm and 10.08 in

Weight- 440 lb

Age- 1 week- 38 years

Female Saber Tooth Mountain Lions- are the care taker females of their pack. All females have dark/spotted fur. Some of them are second in command in packs.

Height- 11.68 cm and 7.01 in

Weight- 100 lb

Age- 1 week- 47 years (they last longer)

Cubs- are the youngster of their pack. They have light fur and floppy ears til they grow up.

Height- 6.23 cm and 2 in

Weight- 70 lb

Age- 1 week- 38 or 47 years

Art and the made-up species (c)me

Note: Don’t steal,copy, or claim this as your own. Don’t post this on any sites like Facebook,Twitter or Myspace without my permission.

Forgotten Birthday

Late Birthday

I forgotten my own character’s birthday. Its was on September 10,I guess was so busy I forgot. Happy Late Birthday to WaterBlaze.

art and character(c)me

Note: Don’t steal,copy,or claim this as your own. Don’t post in any other sites like Twitter,Facebook, or Myspace without my permission. 

Human Warrior changes

After reading my chapters of the Human Warrior, I realize this is more of a animals fiction story than human fiction story. I want this story to be about the character which is Todd and trying solve to problems in another world,so I decided changes the story a bit and rewrite the chapters,but the characters that were in the story will be there as well. I will do the prologue first before I get to the chapters,when I’m done with the new prologue the old chapters will deleted in this blog,but I’m actually glad that people are reading my stories. 

Thanks for the people who are reading my stories




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