Tia’s new look


I changed Tia’s hair and outfit. She’ll appear in Human Warrior

Ask the characters questions- http://waterandfirekingdoms.wordpress.com/2014/11/01/ask-us/

art and character © me

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Decided to do another picture of Flash. He’s once was a cheetah,but I redesign as a fennec fox.

Gender: Boy

Species: Fennec fox

Live: Thunder Kingdom(formerly)

Element: Lightning

Personality: Selfish,cruel,smart

Abilities: Run fast as a cheetah,Lighting powers

Likes: inventing things,power,making others miserable, succeeding

Dislikes: King Thunder,failing, humans, other elemental.

Flash is a villain who will appear in Human Warrior. He use to be King Thunder’s worker until,he start greedy for more power. He works with the dark elements and help hims creating his creations. Flash is very cruel towards everyone except Scratch.

art and character(c)me

Note: Don’t steal,copy, or use this without permission. Don’t copy this character of mine

Ask us

Ask us

This blog had reach to 51 followers. Thank you  all for following! So I decided that its time for you ask the WAFK(Water and Fire Kingdom) characters question.

  • Please ask only the character from this blog or the from the second blog.
  • No inappropriate questions or else they’ll be remove.
  • All question will be remove once they’re answered they won’t be confusing.
  • Don’t be shy to ask.

The Villains

The Villians

My favorite villains and featuring Flash’s new design. Happy Early Halloween 2014

Other blog- elementsofthesixkigndoms.wordpress.com

art and characters(c)me

The Two Kingdoms (remake)

The Two Kingdoms

This is a remake of the very first cover. It was original called “The Two Kingdoms”,but in wordpress the title was already taken,so I have to call it waterandfirekingdoms instead. Back then Luther,Robert and Buck were also the main characters,til Robert becomes a secondary character. The story was posted on photopeach until it was made as a blog and somehow all of my 2012 slideshows were deleted.

art and characters(c)me

Human Warrior Prologue

Once upon a time there was another world. A world Kings,Queen and the other elemental in the kingdoms don’t know about,but we were separate from it. The world that was fill with creatures with two legs and two arms and towers. The ground was black and the machines they drove on are faster than a cheetah. And the warrior who lives there is Todd. However he wasn’t  a warrior in his world,but to the Kings,Queens,and the other elementals he was. We called him the “Human Warrior”.

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Buck’s new look

Buck's look new

I changed Buck’s design a little bit. He’s a boxer btw.

art and character(c)me

Note: Don’t steal,copy,or claim this as your own. Don’t copy the design and the character of mine.


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