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Some sketches of Todd from Human Warrior.

art and character(c)me

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Human Warrior Chapter 1- A rough day

It took place in the human world. Todd was in a place called school and he wasn’t doing so well. After school he did a try out for the soccer team. He tried kicking the ball,but he missed. “Alright Todd that’s enough’,said the coach. “But coach I almost go the hang of it”, Todd replied. “Look Toddson you tried this over 30 times and you’re not getting it right. Todd felt bad. The coach patted him in the back. Its okay Toddson not everyone is cut out in the soccer team”,said the coach. Todd smile a little bit. “Thanks coach Ham”,he said. Todd slowly walk out in the field. Bunch of people talking about him  behind his back. A dark skin boy came up to him named James. “Hey look like someone didn’t make it in the team,”he said. “Shut up James!, its not like you made in the team,” Todd replied. “Oh of course I did right Tia”, James said. Tia nodded her head meaning yes. “And the coach said that I,m good at soccer. “I did great job at it than you. “Hey! give me a break I was trying’, Todd replied. “Yeah! you were trying to to fall”,a girl yelled out. Everyone began to laugh to Todd. got upset and walk away and call his grandma for a ride. Ten minutes  later his grandma Sammy arrive. Come on kiddo hurry up my favorite show is on”,she said. Todd got in the car. “So how was soccer kiddo,”she asked “Bad”,Todd answered. ” I didn’t made the team”. “Aww that’s okay kiddo”,Grandma Sammy replied. “No its NOT!” Todd shouted. “If I tell my dad then he’ll be disappointed at me”. “Oh you know sport,soccer may run in our family,but not everyone have to play”, she explained. “I was the only who was a librarian instead of a soccer player.  Todd and his grandmother made arrive at the house.  Todd’s dad was home early. Todd ring the doorbell and his father opened the door. He saw a sad look on Todd’s face. “What’s wrong Toddson”,his father asked. ” I didn’t made the team”, Todd responded. “Its okay son you’ll try out next year”,said Todd’s dad. “I don’t wanna try out next year”, Todd mumbled. “What was that boy I don’t  like mumbling”, his father said in an aggressive way. “I say I don’t want to try out next year”, Todd responded. “Well you’re going to because our family been doing it for years and you’re doing it in too”, his father said. “Dad I suck at soccer and people are making fun of me for it”, Todd replied. “Maybe you need some practice”,his father said. “Well maybe I don’t need practice”, Todd talk back. “You better stop with the back talk or you’re grounded”, his father threaten him.”Good,its better than soccer” Todd said as he ran upstairs into his room. Grandma Sammy give Todd’s dad disgrace look. “You know Manny you can’t make him do something he doesn’t want to do”,said Grandma Sammy. He already had a rough day,you have to make it worst for him. “Who does he think he is telling me what can and can’t do” Todd said to  himself. “And James think he’s better than me just because he’s rich. Todd started to read a comic book called The Wolf Warrior. Five hours later he falls asleep only reading 2 chapters so far.

Thank you for the people who are reading this. Stay tune for Chapter 2. Feel free to write a feedback or some ways to improve my writing skills

~Sincerely Creativenia15(Nia Anglade)

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While I’m stilling waiting for someone to ask the characters questions from my blog. I just want to noted that I finish with the Human Warrior Chapter 1 and it will be ready to be publish here. I apologize that WaterBlaze and Sabre Tooth Mountain Lions chapter 9 is taking so long,because I’ve focus on important stuff than this. Since I’m not working on it the moment,I’m putting it on hold. And also I’ve been working comic/stories in others sites like  devaintART,instagram, and pinterest.

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Tia’s new look


I changed Tia’s hair and outfit. She’ll appear in Human Warrior

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Decided to do another picture of Flash. He’s once was a cheetah,but I redesign as a fennec fox.

Gender: Boy

Species: Fennec fox

Live: Thunder Kingdom(formerly)

Element: Lightning

Personality: Selfish,cruel,smart

Abilities: Run fast as a cheetah,Lighting powers

Likes: inventing things,power,making others miserable, succeeding

Dislikes: King Thunder,failing, humans, other elemental.

Flash is a villain who will appear in Human Warrior. He use to be King Thunder’s worker until,he start greedy for more power. He works with the dark elements and help hims creating his creations. Flash is very cruel towards everyone except Scratch.

art and character(c)me

Note: Don’t steal,copy, or use this without permission. Don’t copy this character of mine

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Ask us

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The Villains

The Villians

My favorite villains and featuring Flash’s new design. Happy Early Halloween 2014

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art and characters(c)me


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