Autumn Valley

Autumn Valley

I made a picture of showing you what Buck’s hometown looks like. In Autumn Valley is a small town and it represents fall. The leaves never turn green. They think that the water and fire kingdom exist.



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New Icon

Waterandfirekingdoms icon

I create an new icon.

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Human Warrior Chapter 3 The Portal

They went to King Heat’s castle and told him that Buck was missing. King Heat went to Buck’s house. Captain RedStar and the soldiers started to search the house of evidences. King Heat saw footprints in Buck’s window. “Looks like someone must have went into my kingdom and got Buck”,said King Heat. Another soldier ran into King Heat. “Your mastery someone struck the guards with lightning”, the soldier cried. “What!….how”,King Heat said in shock. “I don’t know, when I was walking by a lightning elemental just struck two of the guards”. “Must be those lightning elementals who got Buck”,said Shy. “Hold on Shy let’s not jump into cousin”,her mother replied. “We should asked them”.  Meanwhile Buck was still in the dark place,he was so tired. Flash open the door and smiled. “Do you know why you’re here”,Flash asked. “Well no cause your ugly friend kidnapped me for no reason”,Buck said. “You’re gonna be use for my  invention”,Flash replied. “The only elements I need is fire,dark, and lightning and I’m gonna use your powers”.  “How are you gonna use my powers”,said Buck. Flash began to electrocute Buck. “Now give me some of your fire powers”,said Flash. “You want my fire power now you can have it” Buck replied. Buck throw fire at him,but he missed. Flash got angry and attack Buck over and over. Buck try to get up,but Flash was fast for him. “Give it up mutt I’m faster than you and there’s no way you can beat”,said Flash. Buck got up and throw a fire ball at him one last time,but he missed. “Ha! you miss you stupid mutt”,said Flash. “I wasn’t aiming at you”,Buck replied with a smile. “Uh Flash I think he burn the invention”,said Scratch. Flash turned around and saw his invention burned. “Oh no”,he said in shocked. “Do you realize what have you done!”. “Yeah I destroy your project so what”,said Buck. “SO WHAT! this is project was incomplete and if its not done the correct way then it creates a big portal”,Flash replied. The invention turn into a portal. “Holy spit that portal is getting bigger”,said Scratch. “We’re all gonna get in!” As the portal grow bigger and bigger Flash,Scratch, and Buck got suck in.  “I’m going to kill you for ruining my project”,said Flash. Flash and Scratch tried to attack Buck,but Buck quickly throw fire at their faces. The portal send them into another world. “What is this place”Buck said.

4th of July 2014

FireworksHappy 4th of July. And I see that wordpress post has change.

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This is Flash from Human Warrior.

Gender: Boy

Species: cheetah

Likes:his invention,lightning, being evil

Dislikes: King Thunder,Buck,Todd, good,water

Personality: evil,greedy,smart

Flash is King Thunder’s ex-helper. He created a suit of armor that was made out of  fire,lightning, and dark. He refuses to destroy it although it was dangerous. He also try to use Buck to for his invention. Flash is the main villain of the Human Warrior.

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2 years on WordPress

2014-06-20 23.49.48-1

Happy 2 years Anniversary to me :) This took me 2 days. Thank you guys for following my blogs and my pictures

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Happy Father’s Day 2014

Happy Father's Day 2014

King Heat miss his father King Robin Andy Heatson II. He dead from sickness, he was a good father to King Heat. Happy Father’s Day 2014.
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