Saber Tooth Mountain Lions

Sabre Tooth Mountain Lions

That’s the second picture this week. Since WaterBlaze and Sabre Tooth Mountain Lions story is almost to over lets(it has 2 chapter left) about the Saber Tooth Mountain Lion.

The Saber Tooth Mountain Lions are based on Saber Tooth Tigers. They live in packs and mark their. If the pack is too crowd one female and one male must leave the pack and make one of their own. They sometimes taunt and take over towns.

Male Saber Tooth Mountain Lions- are the alpha males of their pack. Their teeth are bigger than the females and cubs.

Height- 14.70 cm and 10.08 in

Weight- 440 lb

Age- 1 week- 38 years

Female Saber Tooth Mountain Lions- are the care taker females of their pack. All females have dark/spotted fur. Some of them are second in command in packs.

Height- 11.68 cm and 7.01 in

Weight- 100 lb

Age- 1 week- 47 years (they last longer)

Cubs- are the youngster of their pack. They have light fur and floppy ears til they grow up.

Height- 6.23 cm and 2 in

Weight- 70 lb

Age- 1 week- 38 or 47 years

Art and the made-up species (c)me

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Forgotten Birthday

Late Birthday

I forgotten my own character’s birthday. Its was on September 10,I guess was so busy I forgot. Happy Late Birthday to WaterBlaze.

art and character(c)me

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Human Warrior changes

After reading my chapters of the Human Warrior, I realize this is more of a animals fiction story than human fiction story. I want this story to be about the character which is Todd and trying solve to problems in another world,so I decided changes the story a bit and rewrite the chapters,but the characters that were in the story will be there as well. I will do the prologue first before I get to the chapters,when I’m done with the new prologue the old chapters will deleted in this blog,but I’m actually glad that people are reading my stories. 

Thanks for the people who are reading my stories



The characters’ birthdays

Waterandfirekingdoms birthdays

I hope I got this right I don’t remember the date they created in that much.

art and characters(c)me

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WaterBlaze and the Sabre Tooth Mountain Lion Chapter 8 Prince

“Did you fight the water/fire dog”,Hunter asked “No,I was watching her in the bushes while the half of our pack was fighting her”,said Prince. “And you didn’t help them,but just hide like a little pussy!”,Hunter yelled. “I raised you to be a killer not a pussy”. “No father I’m not a pussy and I wasn’t just hiding I was spying on our enemies” Prince explained. “Good,but if you want to become leader you have to be like us”,said Hunter. “Y..yes father”Prince replied. He left the cave. “That’s was harsh”,said Buck in his mind. Prince was walking slowly seeing the others animals froze in fear and their houses broken. “Why I have to be treated like an outcast,why can’t I be myself”,said Prince


In Gray Mountain Valley B.C  the ancient animals was playing games while Prince was behind the rock watching them. “Maybe if I ask nicely they’ll let me play with them”,said Prince in his mind. As he walk toward them, they made a frowning face. Prince smiled,but was a little scared. “That’s Hunter’s son from the sabre tooth mountain lion pack”,they all whispered. “Excuse me… C..can I play with you guys?”,Prince asked. “Stay away from us you freak”, the  shouted. “GET LOST!”. “B..but I just wanna play”,said Prince. “No one want to play with a dangerous freak like you”, they replied. Prince was very sad and walk away.

Prince cried a little bit. “No…no more,no being treated like a outcast and no more being pushed around by my father”,said Prince. “I am my own man now,I’ll not let this happen”. Prince was about to talk to his dad it he saw WaterBlaze with a group of soilders in a farther distance. He ran toward,but fell into Wendy’s trap. “Aha I got one”,said Wendy. Prince was upside down with a rope tied in his leg. WaterBlaze and the others saw Prince in Wendy’s trap. “Maybe this will ya  to mess with our town”,said Zion. “But I’m not one of them”said Prince. “How, you look exactly like them”,said Luther. “No I’m no bad like them”Prince replied. “For many years I couldn’t fit in with my pack and was rejected by the other animals who see me as a threat, I don’t want to be with my father anymore”. “Please let me join you”, he begged. “I don’t think we should him, what if he’s tricking us”said Zion to WaterBlaze. “I’m not tricking you,if you let me go,I won’t betray you guys”,said Prince. “Okay, Tim untie him”,said WaterSprout. Tim untie Prince. “But before you join we must take you to our town headquarter and discussion what  should we do with you”,said Tim. Prince agreed and let the take him to Gray Mountain Valley Headquarter. “So you want to join our battle”,said their leader. “Why you wanna join us and fight against your kind”. “Because I’m tired of being push around by my kind and my father, I was tired of being treated of a monster”,Prince explained. “I wish to live here in peace not harm”. “But taken down my father isn’t easy, he’s one of strongest ancient animals if you underestimate him you all be killed ”.  “How do we stop them”, their leader asked. “He and the others can be stop by fire”,said Prince. “Fire why not water,that’s where the rain stone is”,said Luther in his mind. “Wait a minute we have a fire elementals in our land”,said Stinky. “But  those fire elemental were capture by the Sabre Tooth Mountain Lions”,Wendy replied. “Then me,my daughter and Luther will sneak into the their cave and get my husband and Buck” said WaterSprout . “If you see a Sabre Tooth Mountain Lion attack them with fire”. “ Hey! who are you to my solider what to do”, the leader of Gray Mountain Valley said. “Do you want to save our town or not”,WaterSprout replied. “Fine,go”,the leader said. WaterSprout,Luther,and her daughter left and sneak into the cave. Prince was just standing there doing nothing. “Why don’t go with them”,Wendy asked. “My father will think I’m n his side and your friends will think I’m betray them”Prince replied. “So that means you’re betraying your own pack”said Stinky. “Yes”Prince answered. “I’m my own man now”.

Some News

Next week I’m going on vacation so I’m not gonna active  for a week,but when I came back from my vacation the next WaterBlaze and Mountain Lion Chapter will be published after that I’ll work on Human Warrior Chapter 4.

Thank you for reading this an reading my stories

see you soon~ Nia Anglade/CreativeNia

Autumn Valley

Autumn Valley

I made a picture of showing you what Buck’s hometown looks like. In Autumn Valley is a small town and it represents fall. The leaves never turn green. They think that the water and fire kingdom exist.



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